Walkers of the Peter and Pelgrimspad


Erbuca carries hikers from the Peter and / or Pelgrimspad a warm heart. So you know book a night at Erbuca, leave whether you walked either paths.





As Toon Hermans already sang: Sittard, his birthplace, is a city to love. The historic heart of Sittard welcomes you with monumental buildings and traditional timbered houses. Beautiful, winding shopping streets show you the way to the cozy market square. There is plenty to do and that makes your day trip or your vacation even more enjoyable. Especially for you now follows a selection from the range of possibilities.



The Historical Market


On a summer day on the historic Market Square to enjoy a cool drink or a hot cup

coffee / tea / cocoa. A market which is one of the best gems of Limburg, with numerous

choices. If you prefer a traditional pub or do you prefer one of the trendy lounches? The choice is entirely yours.


But even if you have put your sights on to your lunch or dinner a culinary world tour ‘

to one of the many cozy restaurants, provides the historic Market Sittard you ample opportunity.



Historical walking tour with a tourist guide


Guides VVV Zuid Limburg make your walk into a real experience. Like no other

they can tell you nice and surprising anecdotes about the city. So if you never experience Sittard in advance.



The Secret Gardens of Sittard


Sittard has many unknown, green oases of calm within its city limits. Gardens all

piece by piece undiscovered treasures; each in turn the source of a fascinating story. Take

So have a look behind the scenes of the city and experience how diverse the ‘Green Sittard’ in is reality. 



Culture, history and religion


Want to combine a moment of religion with culture, history and a lively city?

Even then shoot you in ‘Town Church’ Sittard bull’s-eye. Five different Almshouses are

a short distance fraternally together. Discover the Basilica, Mary Park, St. Peter’s Church, the Dominican Monastery, Fort Sanderbout, the Michel Church or the town ramparts.



Annually recurring activities


André Rieu concerts in Maastricht (Vrijthof)

Kennedy march



Apple sing

Christmas Valkenburg

Schutterij St. John Nieuwstadt: Sacrament Procession