Terms and Conditions



Beekstraat 15, 6118BE Nieuwstadt

Phone: 046-4115906 / 0639678180


We give our guests a warm welcome in Erbuca Bed and Breakfast and ask them abreast

set of the General Conditions and of the Bylaws.




These Terms apply to all guests Erbuca Bed and Breakfast, Beekstraat 15, 6118BE Nieuwstadt.


A. Definitions

A.1. Erbuca B & B; B & B; location: terms for Erbuca Bed and Breakfast.

A.2.a. Where these conditions guest (s) above, could also be read tenant (s) or user (s).

A.2.b. Guest: A person staying at B & B and as such has notified

(1) through contact and / or registration.

(2) by telephone;

(3) in person.

A.2.c. Main Guest: the person who has registered with Erbuca. The main guest must be over 18 years old.

He / she is responsible for his / her fellow guests.

A.3. Administrator: the person who as owner, or manages on behalf of its owner, the B & B.

A.4. Third (n): any legal person, other than the host, property manager.

A.5.a. Contact: a contact option placed on the website which www.erbuca-bedandbreakfast.nl

leads to book at our B & B.

A.5.b. Registration: Registration in the Register of Erbuca night Bed and Breakfast at check-in


A.5.c. Cancellation: Revoking or dissolving the final reservation within the applicable period.

B. Conditions

B.1. E..MF Kruijssen-Vincken manager / owner of Erbuca Bed and Breakfast. Manager / owner can

replaced. Where these conditions Administrator stated, can also be read owner.

B.2. At the inception of the Bed and Breakfast Agreement, the General Conditions in effect.

B.3. Guests must have a permanent place of residence.

B.4. The minimum stay at Erbuca B & B is one night.

B.5. Instructions (Bed and Breakfast REGARDING) given by administrator should be by guests


B.6. Under no circumstances should be cooked in the rooms.

B.7. In violation of the General Conditions and / or the Bylaws or inappropriate behavior

be denied access to the Bed and Breakfast for guests with immediate effect, without further

reasons and without refund of accommodation expenses.

B.8 For mutual disagreement is the administration of the administrator determines, unless the guests to the contrary


B9. Guests Erbuca B & B should abide by the Standing Orders, which for public inspection

Located on the white serving cart in the hall on the first floor.



C. Tariffs

The price is:

C.1.a. including gas, water, electricity, heating and VAT.

C.1.b. excluding city tax, the cost of a cancellation and travel insurance and / or other costs.

C.1.c. subject to (interim) price changes.

C.2. Mentioning of prices and tariffs are non-binding and occur subject to manifest errors.

C.3.a. The main guest can choose to make the total accommodation at once to Erbuca cottages on. This can

also be provided on the contact form.

C.3.b. The main guest must pay any outstanding amount upon arrival. Payment can either

cash or debit card payments are made.

D. Reservation

D.1.a. The agreement of Bed and Breakfast can be orally, by telephone, in writing or by mail


D.1.b. For reservation No additional booking fees are charged.

D.1.c. If you personally on location will book and stay overnight on the day itself, we’ll send the bill

site and you can make the payment by debit card or cash.



E. Payment

The payment includes the cost of stay (overnight) including the use of related facilities, but

excluding the tourist tax.

When the payment is a distinction between the private and the business overnight stay.

Payment is as follows.

E.1.a. Particulierâ € ¨ Accommodation costs and other costs, such as costs for lunch, serving on the day of

termination of the stay to be paid.

This can be done in the following manner:

a. cash;

b. using a debit card, this payment is exclusive pinkosten.

E.1.b. Zakelijkâ € ¨ In a corporate booking can be selected for the following:

a. cash. Checkout is done on the last day of the stay and includes accommodation

and the other costs, such as used drinks in the afternoon / evening from the minibar,

a lunch etc.

b. using a debit card. Checkout is done on the last day of the stay and includes accommodation

and the other costs, such as used drinks in the afternoon / evening from the minibar,

packed lunches etc. This payment is exclusive pinkosten.

c. invoice sent to the company. Payment thereof shall be made by sending the bill to the

business and does not include administration costs.

This invoice must be paid within eight days, stating name of the guest (s)

arrival date and invoice number. The amount should be transferred to account number:

NL88KNAB0722959788 tnv Erbuca Bed and Breakfast Nieuwstadt.



F. Cancellation

F.1. When unfortunately not be able to fulfill the Bed and Breakfast deal, should it so

soon as possible, reference should be made to the administrator so that the released B & B room (s) yet

third parties may / may be offered.

F.2. If canceled pay / pay the guest (s) compensation to the administrator. This compensation consists of

I If you cancel less than four weeks but more than two weeks before booked arrival date:

25% of the agreed price.

II Cancellations made less than 14 days but more than one day before booked arrival date:

50% of the agreed price.

III Cancellation on the day of arrival or the day before: 100% of the agreed price.

IV Early departures will be no refund.

Cancellation fees are also payable if you do not arrive (no show).

F.3. To be eligible for a refund of the amount already paid (if applicable)

The cancellation must be in writing (by mail or mail) to be reported to Erbuca Bed and Breakfast.

Note: The operator reserves the right to withdraw in the booking without giving reasons under

return to the main guest of the amount already paid.



G. Liability

G.1. Erbuca B & B can not be held liable for the guest or indirect consequence of the

stay in the property damage. The guest Erbuca indemnify against claims relating thereto.

G.2. Erbuca bed and Breakfast can not be held liable for personal injury arising out

staying with Erbuca.

G.3. The B & B is not liable for malfunctions in and around the property, such as interruptions and failure of power

and water, internet and technical installation, not or untimely announced construction and / or

road works in the vicinity of the B & B.

G.4. Damage and loss of movable and immovable property manager must by guests

immediately be reported and paid.

G.5. Erbuca is not liable for any damage, loss or theft of guests’ belongings.

In case of dispute all (legal) costs borne by the guests

G.6. Costs arising from loss of keys to the B & B, be charged to the guests.

G.7. Erbuca B & B can only be held liable for damage due to gross negligence or

negligence Erbuca.

G.8. Notwithstanding G.1 and G.2. the liability of Erbuca B & B, if and insofar

Erbuca out any reasons relating to the General Conditions and the Rules of Procedure in

Straight is held liable, always limited to the direct damages and consequential damages of any kind

excluded. The liability of Erbuca is still limited to the maximum amount that the

insurer Erbuca cottages where appropriate will pay.

H. Shade
H.1. Guests must behave properly and make the accommodation of Erbuca B & B use

in accordance with the instructions provided by the owner / manager.

H.2. The principal guest is legally responsible for his / her or his fellow guests at the B & B accommodation

or it / it / them goods present inflicted injury.

H.3. A claim entered by the guest directly to the owner or administrator to be reported.

Repair and / or replacement costs must by the guest directly to the owner / operator at his

the first request to be reimbursed.



I. Complaints

I.1. Each guest is entitled to submit his grievances by way of a complaint to Erbuca B & B. Or by

Erbuca on behalf of a complaint should be adequately and expeditiously to be considered.

This should be done so that the complaints is done taking into account the standards

for reasonableness and fairness.



J. Force

J.1.a. In situations of force majeure, both temporary and permanent, Erbuca B & B is entitled to

agreement to wholly or partially terminate or suspend, without the guest claim

performance and / or indemnification.

J.1.b. Force majeure shall include, but not limited to: war, riots, acts of war, strikes,

boycotts, disruptions in the energy circuit in traffic or transportation, government measures,

scarcity of raw materials, natural disasters and eliminate any extraordinary weather conditions,

death of the owner or next of kin, etc.

J.1.c. Force majeure is also involved in situations where full or partial fulfillment of the Bed and

Breakfast agreement for reasonableness and fairness of Erbuca B & B can be expected.



K. Privacy

K.1. Erbuca s will confidentially submitted to it or become known personally

and not make it available to third parties without the express permission of the person to which the

data properly.

L. Discrepancy

L.1. In the great care and in good faith constructed website can www.Erbuca-bedandbreakfast.nl

possible differences between current situations on location at the time of the visit of the guests

the presentation text and / or fotoâ € ™ s on the website.

The website mentions shall always be subject to interim adjustments.

To such differences can not be held by the guests. The B & B is not

Obvious errors tied to its website.



M. Final provision

M.1. Save as otherwise provided in the rules of private international law, is the present conditions

Only Dutch law.

Non-English-speaking guests are deemed to agree with the Terms and Conditions.

M.2. All disputes arising out of it will Bylaws of the General Conditions in first

instance be settled by the competent court in the Netherlands. To the extent that the rules of the International

private law does not provide otherwise.

M.3. Neither party may assign its rights and obligations to third parties, insofar as this

Conditions do not provide otherwise.

M.4. If and insofar as any provision in the Bylaws and the General Conditions void

should prove, other conditions remain in position and the insignificant article thus to be converted

that it is brought into conformity with the obvious intentions of the parties.