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The owner and consultant to do everything to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible?

  • You from October 15 to November 15, 2015 will receive additional discount because of our Fall Action?
    • Guests Erbuca cottages Nieuwstadt on presentation of documentary evidence in neighboring restaurant / café, etc. a
    •     nice surprise to expect?
    • There cameras around the building are guarding your and our property?
    • You your bike, scooter, etc. can store in an enclosed area that is monitored by a camera?
    • Erbuca cottages Nieuwstadt is in the heart of countless cycling and walking and wandelroutes- junction routes?
    • Erbuca cottages Nieuwstadt is affiliated to VVV Zuid Limburg?
    • Erbuca cottages Nieuwstadt is affiliated with ao Pieterpath, Pelgrimspad,, etc.?
    • You will receive a free coupon booklet with numerous discounts offered by businesses in the narrowest part
    •   Netherlands?
    • You can start a journey of discovery through the narrowest part of the Netherlands with great advantage?
    • The narrowest part of the Netherlands is wide enough to enjoy after a wonderful night at Erbuca
    •   B & B Nieuwstadt?
    • There once was a Eucharistic procession every year on Sunday, provided by the Militia St.Jan Nieuwstadt. Herewith


Various works of art made of colored sawdust. That can be seen in the streets of Nieuwstadt!